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The 5 World's Most Expensive Dogs

Who does not want to raise a dog? A dog is known as a funny and loyal animal, and it can become human best friend.

Dogs are great pets to be maintained. Due to its characteristics that we talked before, they also are the easiest and the quickest animal to be trained. There's common belief that a dog will protect its owner from bad people. It's because it has sharp instincts.

But besides that, we do not know the real price of the dogs. Some dogs can value million dollars, and most of it is dog breed that it comes certain origin.

In addition of that, it's not only the value of the dog is quite expensive, but also the maintaining expenses of a dog can blow your mind.

Here are the most expensive dogs in the world:

1. The Tibetan Mastiff

It's a dog breed that comes from the Tibet region. The Tibetan Mastiff is the type of dog that is quite large than an ordinary dog. It has very thick fluffy, especially in the head, so it looks like a lion. The bushy fur on its body helps to warm its body from cold temperatures in the Tibet mountains.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is often known as a guard dog in the army during the first world. German Shepherd worked to maintain, guard the building so that the enemy won't invade the camp. This dog is fairly intelligent, strong, easily trained and obedient. German Shepherd price is around 280 million with its qualification.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog has a long name and one of the famous dogs in the United States. This dog is very friendly towards humans, and they are also friendly with other types of dogs. It's one of the reasons why the American people choose a Cavalier King Charles spaniel as a pet. It cost around 194 million.

4. Samoyed

Samoyed is a dog which origin from Russia. It has white, smooth and thick fur. The face of Samoyed is quite similar with Siberian Husky but smaller. Although its size is not large, Samoyed dog classified as a strong and competitive dog with a very sharp smelling sense that almost beat a dog detector. Samoyed is also quite a friendly dog even to strangers. This type of dog is very suitable to be a human friend, not to be a guard dog. It values around 146 million.

5. English Bulldog

English Bulldog is one of the popular purebred dogs in the United States. The characteristic of English Bulldog is it has a wrinkled face, head width and hanging skin under the neck. This dog has a calm temperament, assertive and energetic. It values around 125 million dollars.

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The 5 World's Most Expensive Dogs
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